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DacEasy Point of Sale

DacEasy Point of Sale continues the DacEasy tradition of providing powerful easy-to-use software at an affordable price. DacEasy Point of Sale is more than just a way to enter your cash register activity. With the advanced reporting and information tracking, you'll have the data you need to make informed decisions (such as targeted marketing, inventory stocking and pricing) and grow your business. You can use DacEasy Point of Sale as a stand alone module or interface with DacEasy Accounting for even more robust inventory and customer tracking.

All-Inclusive Sales Register
The ability to enter all customer activity from a single screen can be a real time-saver! You can enter sales, quotes (which can be converted to sales), layaways, AR payments and layaway payments all from the Sales Register screen. In addition, you can add information such as customers and products on-the-fly from this same screen.

Customizable Sales Register
Setting preferences allows you to customize the program to meet your specific needs and expedite transaction entry. You might choose to bypass the customer field, bypass the quantity field (defaults to 1), assign a hot key to open the cash drawer, display the time in military format, select defaults for the terms code and method of payment, select the start field, automatically print receipts, automatically generate layaway numbers and much more.

Fast Setup and Access to Your Data
Like DacEasy Accounting, DacEasy Point of Sale includes the Business Center, which provides fast access to your data and more. In addition to the Setup Workflow Guide, you also have access to a Daily Sales Workflow Guide that steps you through the Point of Sale process.

Supports Common Hardware
To fully automate your point of sale process, you might want to take advantage of various hardware that is available. DacEasy Point of Sale works with cash drawers, keyboard wedges, serial bar code readers, 40-column receipt printers, pole displays (20-character, 2-line) and magnetic card readers.

And Much More!
Because DacEasy Point of Sale interfaces with DacEasy Accounting, it incorporates many of the same features. Just as in DacEasy Accounting, you can view your data in a number of ways, take advantage of DacEasy's speed and security, create professional correspondence using customizable forms and merge your data with Word documents. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of most of the advanced inventory-related features, plus print bar codes and enter promotional prices.

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