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DacEasy Order Entry

DacEasy Order Entry allows you to track your customer activity from the original quote, to the order, to shipment. You can use DacEasy Order Entry as a stand alone module or interface with DacEasy Accounting for even more robust inventory and customer tracking.

Centralized Entry
The ability to enter all customer activity from a single screen can be a real time-saver! You can enter quotes (which can be converted to sales), orders, blanket orders, RMAs and fill backorders all from the Order Entry screen. In addition, you can add information such as customers and products on-the-fly from this same screen.

Create a Web Presence
Set up shop on the World Wide Web and watch your business grow. Think this sounds too difficult? Not with DacEasy. Your purchase of DacEasy entitles you to a free Web site and steps you through creating your Web page and uploading your products with DacEasy WebsiteCreator. Your customers can then use DacEasy WebsiteTrader to enter orders directly over the Web. You can effortlessly download the orders into DacEasy Order Entry. We are so sure you'll love this service that we are offering the WebsiteTrader subscription free to you for 60 days.

Fast Setup and Access to Your Data
Like DacEasy Accounting, DacEasy Order Entry includes the Business Center, which provides fast access to your data and more. In addition to the Setup Workflow Guide, you also have access to a Ship Orders Workflow Guide that steps you through the process of entering and shipping your orders.

Create a Mobile Sales Force
The ability to enter orders from a remote location, and then import these orders into DacEasy Order Entry makes it the perfect solution for the company in need of a mobile sales force. All you have to do is enter the orders in the remote location, and then import these orders into the host computer at a later time.

That's Not All
Because DacEasy Order Entry interfaces with DacEasy Accounting, it incorporates many of the same features. Just as in DacEasy Accounting, you can view your data in a number of ways, take advantage of DacEasy's speed and security, create professional correspondence using customizable forms and merge your data with Word documents. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of most of the advanced inventory-related features, plus print bar codes and enter promotional prices.

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