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 DacEasy Version 13 Upgrade Overview

New Features Chart
Upgrade Features
Business Center
Point of
New Features Tour
Extended Field Sizes
Date Selector Button
Customizable Toolbar
Improved Backup and Restore Engine
Backup and Restore Business Center Profile Including Crystal Reports
Rollback During Restore Routine
Update General Ledger Online
Update Check Register Online
Purge Check Register Through Date
Print Cash Receipt Voucher
Minimum Finance Charge
Auto Purchase Order
Receivables Ledger Duplicate Invoice Warning
Payables Ledger Duplicate Invoice Warning
Scheduled Tasks
  Scheduled Backups
  Scheduled Alerts
Employee Payment Enhancements
  Select Individual Employees When Printing Checks and Advices
  Exclude SS# from Checks and Advices
  OCReady Long Stub Check
  Direct Deposit Advice
  Direct Deposit Disbursement Report
  Employee Method of Payment History
  Reconcilable Direct Deposit Transactions
Renew Payroll
Blanket Entry
Automatic Employee Loan Repayment
Border on Active Fields in Grids

*This enhancement applies to Order Entry and Point of Sale if interfaced with an Accounting company.
**Modules in Accounting affected by this feature include the Receivables Ledger, Payables Ledger, Cash, Billing and Purchasing.

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