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 DacEasy Version 13 Upgrade Overview

Frequently Asked Upgrade Questions

What are the System Requirements for DacEasy Version 13?  [ Top ]

Review the DacEasy Version 13 System Requirements.

How do I find out more about the new features in Version 13?  [ Top ]

Use the New Feature Tour in the Business Center to get familiar with the many powerful new features in DacEasy Version 13. The Tour presents each new feature in an easy-to-follow format. Once you are familiar with the feature, you can click 'Take Me There' to go directly to that feature.

What changes can I make to the Business Center appearance?  [ Top ]

The ability to quickly access all modules from the Business Center can be a real time-saver; however, you may not want to see all DacEasy modules or tasks if you only use a single module. That's why DacEasy allows you to select a scheme for a particular module and now also customize the Business Center toolbar. The scheme changes the appearance of the standard toolbar, menu bar, Activities pages and Workflow Guides. Now you can also create and maintain customizable toolbars in the Business Center. You can define as many toolbars as needed to fit your daily, weekly or periodic needs.

What improvements have been made to the Backup and Restore routine?  [ Top ]

The new improvements to the Backup and Restore routine include the following:

  • Improved warning and error messaging.
  • Warning and messages are consistent across all modules.
  • Accurate progress indicator of Backup/Restore routine.
  • Ability to cancel the Restore routine was added to the Business Center with the new Enable Rollback option.
  • Backup or restore to a directory tree that does not exist (including subdirectories on remote drives).
  • Uniquely identifies relationship between multiple backup disks and does not allow you to mix and match backup disks when restoring data.
  • Preemptive notification if backup may not fit on destination media.
  • Preemptive notification if restore will not fit on target location.
  • Deletes the incomplete backup file if you select to cancel the Backup routine. This prevents you from attempting to restore an incomplete backup file.


Does DacEasy Payroll Version 13 include the latest tax changes?  [ Top ]

DacEasy Payroll Version 13 includes the latest state and federal tax changes as of the third quarter in 2003. To stay current with changing tax laws, since tax tables change frequently during the year, you can subscribe to the DacEasy Payroll Tax Update Service. It is the most convenient way to ensure that your software stays in compliance. For more information on the DacEasy Payroll Tax Update Service, contact us a sales@daceasy.com or call (800) 987-5212.

What new features in Version 13 do I need to set up?  [ Top ]

Most of the new features in DacEasy Version 13 are ready to use as soon as you install the program. Below is a list of the Version 13 features that require additional set up steps. These features are initially disabled when you install Version 13, but just take a few quick steps to set up and activate.

Upgrade Features Setup steps
Update General Ledger Online Select the Update General Ledger Online check box on the General tab of the System Preferences dialog box in DacEasy Accounting.
Update Check Register Online Select the Update Check Register Online check box on the Cash tab of the System Preferences dialog box in DacEasy Accounting.
Minimum Finance Charge Assign your customers a Minimum Charge on the Account tab of the Edit Customer dialog box. You can also use the Global Changes feature to assign a minimum charge to a group of customers all at once.
Scheduled Tasks Schedule your backups and Business Alerts using the easy-to-use Schedule Tasks Wizard in the DacEasy Business Center.
OCReady Long Stub Check Select the OCReady Long Stub Format option as the Check Type on the Payment Settings tab of the System Preferences dialog box in DacEasy Payroll.
Reconcilable Direct Deposit Transactions Select the Reconcile Direct Deposit check box on the Payment Settings tab of the System Preferences dialog box in DacEasy Payroll.
Exclude SS# from Checks and Advices Clear the Social Security Number check box on the Payment Settings tab of the System Preferences dialog box in DacEasy Payroll if you do not want the SS# to print on checks and advices.
Automatic Employee Loan Repayment Set up the Repayment User Defined Deduction code, and then assign it to the appropriate departments and employees in DacEasy Payroll.

Where can I access the new Direct Deposit History information in Version 13 DacEasy Payroll?  [ Top ]

You can easily access the new Direct Deposit History information in DacEasy Payroll from several locations. This first area you can access this information is the Direct Deposit report that appears when you create and transmit your direct deposit file. This report includes payment information for the current payroll and appears once the transfer is complete. You can also view the Direct Deposit History from the Edit Employee Information and Edit Employee Accumulation dialog boxes. Simply view an employee using direct deposit on either of these dialog boxes, and then select History. Select a direct deposit transaction, and then select Deposits. Lastly, the most powerful way to access this information is creating your own custom report using DacAccess or Crystal Reports.

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